My favorite all-time Tom the Dancing Bug recurring theme is Lucky Ducky. More specifically, it’s Hollingsworth Hound, the perpetually aggrieved and victimized dog banker who suffers from Lucky Ducky’s privileged position in the upside-down world of conservative thinking.

I mention this, because Ruben Bolling revived him as an illustration for a post linking to Matt Taibbi’s take-down of David Brooks’ corporate class victimhood. Also for your edification I submit HTML Mencken’s structural analysis of BoBo’s rhetoric.

Yeah, though racists are more specifically people who say things like… well, like what David Brooks said about Haiti. But that’s neither here nor there; my point is Brooks’s strategery, his affect, and for what ultimate purpose. The first co-opts a liberal point; the second does as well, but is a more subtle (doesn’t immediately ring as phony) “evidence against interest” item than the first, coming from a conservative. Then there’s the third item; ding ding ding; here’s the real “tell”: those who even see class differences are the moral equivalents of racists. And to actively oppose the interests of the opposite class? Hitlerian, presumably.

And on a tangential note, MightyGodKing adds his two-cents regarding the Citizens United decision. Shorter: he thinks it sucks, but can’t muster the indignation others have. Certainly worth a read, as his take is different from Glenn Greenwald’s standpoint of free speech absolutism.

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