…since I last posted anything. This year has been nothing but one sickness after another, affecting either me or someone in my family. Last week my wife was laid out totally; the week before, my son was home from school; this weekend it was my turn.

I’m better now. Just barely awake, since getting a good night’s sleep is still out of the question. I go to bed at a decent hour, fall asleep, then wake up two hours later, unable to resume sleeping for at least another hour after that.

That’s when the crazy bullshit enters my head. Sometimes insecurities about my life, my talents, my abilities; but mostly just the stupid clutter that has taken up the room of useful information. If you are laying awake at 1am thinking about the deeper meanings of Bob Segar lyrics, you have just entered the Dipshit Zone. Sometimes I’m lucky and I’m obsessed with the life cycles of sea turtles. You may consider that as trivial as the Bard from Detroit, but I find turtles really interesting objects for speculations on evolutionary biology. I would rather these thoughts occur to me during my normal waking hours, natch.

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