This pic taken at the Guitar Blog illustrates a recent phenomenon that I have been trying to understand — namely, the sudden hipness of the mandolin, ukelele and the banjo.

Not objecting by any means to the new fad, I have always loved those instruments and have thought they deserve wider appreciation. I just wonder what spurred it. I have theories (surprise): A rejection of the super-saturated tones of electric guitars; a down economy making the gear requirements attending electric guitars unaffordable; a growing sense that there are a lot of douchebags playing electric guitar. But those may be my own experiences, none of which have prevented me from investing scarce moolah into a decent amp and a few guitars for my own jollies.

What’s funny — and the pic demonstrates this — is that instrument companies are designing ukes, banjos and mandolins with guitar stylings. I like it, but I want to explain it!!!

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