We now have a name for what ails me — isn’t that great?!

Yeah, so I saw an allergist the other day to find out why my life has been miserable for the last six months. Turns out that my allergies have NOT been the culprit — but they haven’t been helpful, thaz fo sho — but the internal structure of my sinuses and nasal cavity has become a breeding ground for bacterial infection.

Grossed out yet? Oh, but there is more. But I won’t go into it. Just to say that I’ve had a culture done, and I’m waiting for a CT scan. Afterwards I begin a regimen of antibiotics, strong allergy medication, and nasal steroids.

I hope this will return me to levels of energy that permit consistent cartooning. That is all I ask of the world. Is that so WRAAWWNNGG?

Might even get regular on the blogginatin’ here, too. Admittedly, recent events have made me want to blog even LESS about politics. Heard any good penis jokes lately? Me, neither.

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