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Fetch: Inner and Outer Demons

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Hope, Change and All That Crap

2008 packed a lot of history. Bush’s last days, the divisive Democratic primaries, the ridiculous Republican primaries, Sarah Palin, the waterboarding of civil liberties, endless war(s), an economy built on hot air, Obama’s glib equivocations — these and other good times are treated the only way cartoonist Kevin Moore knows how: with contempt.

Features a wild and hilarious introduction by Ted Rall.

upintheair-frontcoverUp in the Air

$3.00 Full color cover; B&W inside; 28pp; 5.5″ x 8.5″; saddle-stitched
Sheldon joins Chloe as she takes flying lessons from her father, Dr. Guzek, who is determined to make a pig fly. Things quickly get out of hand.

collateral-damage-frontcoverCollateral Damage
$2.00 U.S.
Paperback, 16 pages.

Self-published in 2002, Collateral Damage collects the best strips from the tumultuous year of 2001. Want a refresher on how our society got so bogged down in war, domestic spying, invading countries, and all that wonderful stuff? This book should do it in an entertaining fashion.