Mandolin expresses frustration at trying to keep a cool, compassionate head amidst the debates on Israel and Gaza:

Debate about Israel and Palestine is plugging into something really, really weird. We don’t seem to get this level of emotionality and jackassery on other foreign policy issues, even ones that involve equivalent levels of death and suffering.

Maybe part of it is anti-semitism, as I’m sure some Jewish people would suggest — certainly, a strange hostility toward Jews does sometime arise in progressive American conversation about Israel. In certain conversations, including a few that have taken place on Feministe, I feel that liberal Jews who oppose Israel’s current actions — like The Girl Detective — are treated with suspicion and berated for arrogance for reasons that seem as though they can only be related to our ethnic identification.

And the right of return is probably part of America’s emotional connection to the issue, too, since a lot of American Jews do feel a connection with Israel. And, of course, America as a nation has a strange level of investment in Israel — historically, and in terms of our providing weaponry to Israel for bizarre reasons that suit Christians who believe in the apocalypse. Certainly, these things give our national discourse plenty of reasons to be fraught with emotion — investment and entanglement, both positive and negative.

But is that all? It feels like there’s something else, something which sings a siren call to jackassery.

The whole post is worth reading. Her sentiments mirror mine, although I am not Jewish or Palestinian. Just someone with concerns for the lives of human beings, regardless of their background. And certainly someone who gets fed up with the heated rhetoric that justifies the killing of innocent people.

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