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My government has lost its mind. It’s not that I am surprised wingnutters like Teh Palin and Huckabee and Red State Lunabloggers are calling for a bullet in the back of Julian Assange’s head. Or that the Serious Media has focused so heavily on the embarrassing, trivial and silly revelations of Wikileaks documents. They aren’t the gubmint, they just think they are. It’s the ObamAdmin and various Congresscritters flailing wildly from the fallout of the really embarrassing stuff — UK protection of Bush’s Iraq lies, US pressure on Spain to cover up CIA human rights abuses — that worries me. Already His Lieberman has bullied into booting Wikileaks from its servers. Interpol has a red alert for a dubious rape case (no, not trivializing rape allegations, but is this standard practice?) that smacks more of dirty tricks. Actual government officials — including from the Canadian government! — are calling for Assange’s assassination.

Look, Assange is not my hero. I have doubts about the usefulness of much of what his organization has revealed; as any pundit hack will tell you, there is a lot of dross. But there is much that confirms our suspicions, and more that we the public should know about abuses by our diplomatic and intelligence services. We pay for this shit. We suffer the consequences when those abuses provoke the rest of the world. Or when they lie to us and send us to die for their mistakes.

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