Seriously, does anyone use LiveJournal any more?*

Well…yeah. A lot of people. Mostly cartoonists, from what I can tell, and people too busy or lazy to migrate to another journal site (like Dead Journal.) But nedroid, Kate Beaton, Dylan Meconis, Greg Bigoni, Scott Bateman, some guy named Shannon Wheeler, to name only a few — and then to not name others, who will seethe in resentment for my failure to list them on my most obscurestest of blogs.

Seethe, I say!

Anyhoo, I was sitting around, trying to ignore the blare of endless SpongeBob and iCarly on my TV, when I tossed off these little icons. They are all uploaded to LJ now, for use when I am feeling bored or writing about The Arts or my life or whatever.

I can’t wait to get back to the cartooning studio tomorrow. Three-day weekends blow.

* John Kovalic addressed this very question humorously today.

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