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Pardon the extended absence from blogging these days. I’ve been knocked down by recurrent back pain, which has affected my cartooning abilities — as well as my dishes and laundry abilities, so ya can imagine what my house looks like. Also, the pain drugs are keeping me kinda dopey. I am on them right now. It’s like typing in a fog.

Hey, I hear there is an election going on. Fascinating. Did you know that the electorate is fed up with the incumbent party? They now seem poised to put in the opposition party. Rinse, lather, repeat. (Jenn Sorensen has this cycle of idiocy nailed.) I hate the two party system. I really, really do. Every year, the GOP puts forward an even crazier batch of right wing assholes, and the Dems get away with being douchebags Because Hey Not Crazy. And liberal bloggers scoff and berate other liberal bloggers for pointing out the douchebaggery, then go Full Throttle Ballistic if you suggest Going Third Party. Insert Nader flame war here.

So sick of it.

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