Obama Cruisin

I came up with this one prior to Obama’s somnambulant performance during the first debate, when Romney was imploding so bad that it distracted from some of Obama’s own problems. But after the first debate, I decided to wait until after the second, when I knew he would be more aggressive and thus earn a blue ribbon from a narrative-obsessed news media. Honestly, I have no confidence that Obama will win, but I have a harder time believing that Romney won’t shoot himself in the foot (after placing it in his mouth) and give Obama the election.

The third debate is about foreign policy. How much attention will be paid to the issue of predator drones? So far they are killing more innocent people than presumably legitimate targets — a ratio of 49:1 according to a recent Stanford-NYU study (that’s 98% collateral damage; that’s war crimes territory) — and I have yet to see much about it. The two candidates allowed to debate (and not, say, chained to a metal chair for eight hours for trying to attend) are in agreement on the assassination by remote control policy, so I don’t have any hope anyone will bother to ask.

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