Out to Sea: Page 3

This used to be called “Cartoon Wednesday,” but now there is only one cartoon to post. On Friday I’ll post a caricature at In Contempt. And here. It feels weird not doing a political cartoon. I really love how Wanderlost is turning out and the extra time to work on it and even get ahead. And I’m glad not to have to panic to come up with a commentary on current events, especially now when things seem more idiotic than ever. That would be grist for the mill, of course, but my mill was starting to spit out the grist in disgust. Still, like a phantom limb, I miss it.

I’ve started advertising in modest amounts, which as gleaned modest spikes in my readership. Mostly I’m concentrating on Project Wonderful. I’m still wary of GoogleAds. I don’t understand their metrics and I feel less control over what they do. I’ll have to read more about ways to manipulate it to my advantage, bwa ha ha. “Manipulate.”

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