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Thoughts on the mid-term elections: mmmm….uhhhh…errr…duhhhh….

On a good day I am not likely to be thrilled when the people I vote for win, just relieved that the Reactionary Guy or the latest Crazy Kill-the-Poor Bill backed by Corporate Citizens Initiative lost. This time young and minority voters mostly stayed away from the polls, giving more voting power to disgruntled white people and knee-jerk independents. What else is new?

Well, this time this “Falling Down” demographic had a conduit for its incoherent rage and fear. From this Obama was supposed to derive some kind of “message.” But messages that would have mattered to reality were: 1) prolonging the loser war in Afghanistan is idiotic; 2) close Gitmo, asshole; 3) war crimes and police state surveillance matter; and 4) ya shoulda had a public option, twit.

To name a few. I grok the concerns over the national debt, but the oft-repeated voter complaints about “Obamacare” (sic) make no sense. Government take-over? When? How? If only! It’s a bail-out of the health insurance industry. THAT complaint would have made sense — provided it was followed by supporting candidates who would create real universal health CARE (not just “coverage” by private insurers) and — by the by — save real money by taking a weed-whacker to the defense budget. You want fiscal responsibility? Bring the troops home.

Rant over. Enjoy the piggy.

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