Let us play the world’s smallest violin for Lou Dobbs. Then cut the instrument in half and rub it on rat genitals for Sarah Palin.

Dobbs went on O’Reilly to imply with the subtlety of a railroad spike through the head that CNN is in the tank for Obama and could not countenance his “rigorous, empirical forethought, analysis and discussion.” Or perhaps after years of tolerating Dobbs’ increasingly dishonest and paranoid racism, CNN had to draw the line at birther conspiracies. I mean, really, Lou. There’s disinformation and then there’s just plain crazy talk.

Speaking of which, Palin went on Oprah to demonstrate that when it comes to self-victimhood, O’Reilly and Dobbs are rank amateurs. Can you believe Katie Couric had the nerve to ask follow up questions? Is she like a journalist or something? In Palin’s world, asking an Alaskan about reading material is typical Lower 48 bigotry, and not, say, an invitation to reveal more about yourself, your ideas and your world view. “Read any good books lately?” “What?! Of course I read!”

When it comes to “the Levi question,” I’ll leave snark aside. Frankly, she’s probably right. What good can come of that young dude’s squeezing out every last second of fame? I mean, other than our schadenfreude? Palin chose the “better part of valor” here, refraining from a media spat and gaining the rhetorical advantage as a Caring, Suffering Grandma. That’s not snark, that’s semiotics.

Oh, but wait, she did get in that dig about his “aspiring porn career.” Spat on.

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