As if anyone needed further evidence that Sarah Palin misunderstands the fundamental obligations of elected officials — like, say, the 30-odd percent of Republicans who drown in the water she walks upon — I think Kimberly Krautter zeroes in on why her resignation is so utterly irresponsible and speaks of a low character:

If I were a citizen of Alaska, and especially if I had voted for her, I’d be pissed off. Who cares if she feels she has checked off her personal laundry list of things to do? There remains a long list of responsibilities still yet to be fulfilled as Governor. You don’t quit just because you want to pursue a new ambition. The job is bigger and more important than your own personal agenda.

Perhaps the speculation that Palin is fed up with politics and/or is trying to positively spin a potential criminal indictment (however that works in real life); in such cases, her resignation is probably the responsible move. But only by a generous definition of “responsible.”

Besides, that’s not what she has said (so far.) Bill Kristol may think this is a “shrewd” set-up for a future presidential bid, yet what if Alaska gets hit by an earthquake or a devastating forest fire or a giant meteor? Current Lt. Governor Parnell will no doubt be on the scene to pick up the pieces and flex a “leadership” muscle. Palin will be either in Wasilla (perhaps under a few tons of space debris) or on a book tour in the lower 48. Or in jail. She will not be doing the job Alaskans elected her to do — not a strong item on one’s resumé for the White House.

I want Kristol’s drugs. Not for personal use, but their street value could send my kids to college.

Okay, I think that’s the last I ever write about this nutjob. Then again, at the turn of this millenium I thought another recent dim-witted governor had no chance at the presidency, so who knows?

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