Not that it’s a regular feature of this blog or something. But today two tweets by friends of mine pointed out separate instances of sexist marketing.

First, the stupid: Dell has created “Della,” a laptop that is also a fashion accessory. As a Mac user, I understand wanting a stylish piece of computing hardware; and I can see the appeal of turning a laptop into a handbag. But this is just plain condescending.

Link courtesy of LJonte.

And then, the overwhelming. Kip Manley tweeted merely “NO” in response to this eye-stabbing symphony of pink Scrabble games, Ouija boards, and others.

Really? After nearly a hundred years and several generations of girls and boys playing these games together — often with their parents, mom and/or dad — do the game-makers really need to resort to such desperate measures to get female customers? Do they think girls are that stupid? Or are they just aiming at that narrow demographic of stupid girls who eat this shit up? Like the young women on The Hills or something.

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