Right now I am sitting on my couch, gauze stuffed up my nose, a tissue strapped beneath my nostrils to catch any blood, and a head full of codiene. And you?

I had surgery on my sinuses on Monday. All went very well, considering how much disgusting stuff they pulled out my head. I got home at a decent hour and felt no pain most of the following day. It eventually caught up with me. Today is a bit rough. Lots of swelling. I’m disoriented. I’d like to make a bowel movement. Is that TMI? Too bad. I am sparing you so many details, man.

My son is home sick with me today. He isn’t really that sick, thankfully. Just buggy enough to keep home and prevent further spread among his classmates of some stupid bug going around. He has a pot full of water on a towel on the living room floor; it’s a staging area for boats and Lego people to swim in or fly around. He amuses me.

I get the gauze and stints removed on Monday. I think I am on the road to recovery. I don’t like to name my chickens before they hatch, but I will put in cautious hope that I will regain my ability to function like a normal human being – or a productive cartoonist, the next best thing.

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