Salon television critic Heather Havrilesky on the Sci Fi Channel’s attempt to rebrand:

Of course, nothing makes me more impatient and glib than the news that Sci Fi is changing its name to “Syfy,” reportedly to make it clear that the channel includes not just science fiction, but fantasy, the supernatural and the paranormal.

Don’t scoff! Branding is important these days. Why, just the other day I was considering changing my name from Heather Havrilesky to SeaDonkia Fleur, to make it clear that I’m not just a TV critic but also a human being, a digital word artist, and a handy disposable wipe. If people see the name “Havrilesky” they might not understand every facet of what my “brand” has to offer, but if they see “SeaDonkia Fleur” they’ll know that I’m a complete asshole.

That sums up my feelings about the last 15 years of Internet “identities.”

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