One thing Jesus wouldn’t do is try to kill a cop. Among other things. Like, sure, he brought a sword and meant to set father against son, etc., but, see, those were metaphors from a guy who spoke often in parables. Tends to complicate the whole taking things literally thing.

FireDogLake rounds up the driveling sniveling doublespeak dribble drool from the right wing bloggermensch. They seem congenitally incapable of recognizing a terrorist when one threatens to commit acts of violence against the state. Now if one of the suspected terrorists were named William Ayers, they might see past his white skin and call him out on it (and rightly so.) I wonder what they make of actual Caucasians committing serious acts of terrorist murder?

But let’s let one of the suspects speak for himself.

“I’m just a simple militant and I just want to protect my family. What’s wrong with that?”

And he adds: “You people need to read between the lines. You’re being lied to by the corporate media.”

You know, the “simple militant” has a point: the mendacity of the corporate media requires vigilant critical thinking and media literacy. Not sure how deploying Improvised Explosive Devices against a funeral procession facilitates the decoding emotive jargon and manipulative imagery. Perhaps these folks need to brush up on their Roland Barthes.

Anyhoo, do militants/terrorists/whatever come any more “simple” than this guy?

Norman Laboon
Look away from his eyes! Don’t make eye contact!

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