Yesterday’s Wanderlost update will be up tomorrow. So there’s that.

This gallery of oil spill wildlife victims fills me with sad.

I moved out of my studio space today and began setting up a studio at home. I’m a little bummed, cuz I liked sharing a space with Jake and Barry, plus all the fun-loving folks at Slate Technologies. It’s the stupid economy, stupidly. Can’t afford the rent, cheap as it was.

The value of my mouth has increased with the addition of a bridge made of gold placed between my upper right molars. This has no appreciable effect on the value of the things that come out of my mouth, of course.

Eagerly I await the arrival of a Fender Standard Telecaster I bought on eBay. I love my semi-hollow Dot Studio, but I’ve been craving the Tele intonation for months now. Once I feel confident enough in my playing, I’ll post a vid to the YouTubez. Any requests? Keep in mind that I have the range of Lou Reed. So request some Lou Reed!

Meanwhile, enjoy this video.

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