As Congress prepares legislation to limit greenhouse gas emissions, Senate Democrats seem already ready to throw in the towel:

Republican leaders have made it clear that they will attack Democrats for seeking a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gases. Yesterday, House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (Ohio) issued a statement suggesting that the bill would force American manufacturers to move overseas, saying, “The Democrats’ plan to raise energy taxes in the midst of a serious recession is the wrong thing to do and the worst possible time to do it.”

Many officials from industries that stand to be most affected by greenhouse gas limits, by contrast, offered cautious praise for the Democratic draft. The measure is deliberately silent on whether the government will auction off 100 percent of its pollution allowances right away or will distribute some for free, a question that James E. Rogers, chief executive of Duke Energy Co., said “will make or break this bill.”

Emphasis mine. I hope our friends in other countries appreciate the magnitude of our political leadership crisis here in the States. The Democrats are trying to sell out — and the Republicans complain they haven’t sold out enough! Anything short of total obeisance to free market “solutions” to global warming (a crisis Republicans refuse to take seriously) risks a Senate filibuster that Democrats are still — after all these years of eating shit — too timid to confront. Oh my stars, the opposition party might grandstand in a totally foolhardy way and make asses of themselves! What should we do?! We can’t let THAT happen! We might get political advantage and pass a bill that will do a mediocre job which is still better than no job at all! Best forget we ever mentioned it.

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