Last year, as the election slogged on, I posted a cartoon about Obama the candidate’s silence regarding the case of Troy Anthony Davis, a man more-than-likely-wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death. The case drew international attention, forcing a stay of execution from the 11th Circuit Court. However, the CC recently turned down Davis’ appeal for a new trial, although he has one more shot at the US Supreme Court, which had turned down a previous appeal. (Amnesty International timeline.)

No word yet from the constitutional scholar we put in the White House. Because you and I are not constrained by neo-liberal timidity, we can perform a little click-thru activism with Amnesty’s “take action” letter urging the Savannah, GA district attorney to re-open the case. If Davis is eventually murdered by the state, he could become Obama’s Ricky Ray Rector — only perhaps worse, because Davis didn’t kill anybody.

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