Israelis protest their government's actions
Israeli activists demonstrate against the war in Tel Aviv, as reported in Al-Jazeera.

Glenn Greenwald asks a question that has been lurking at the back of my mind as I hear my fellow Americans rationalize the Israeli government’s war with Hamas militants.

I have a question for supporters of the Israeli attack on Gaza: Prior to the Iraq War, if it were known that the war would last six years, that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis would die and millions more would be internally and externally displaced, there would presumably have been some number of supporters of the U.S. invasion who would have changed their minds, concluding that the costs (human, financial and otherwise) were too great to render the invasion justifiable.

For supporters of the Israeli war in Gaza: is there some number of Palestinian civilian deaths that, once exceeded, renders this war unjustifiable? 1,000? 10,000? 25,000? Or is the idea that because Israel is justified in the mission itself, then the number of Palestinian civilian deaths is irrelevant — i.e., Israel should do what it thinks it needs to do and, provided it exercises some form of “restraint,” then it is justified regardless of how many innocent human beings (Palestinians) die as a result?

As always, Glenn’s entire post is worth reading – as is Bill Moyer’s commentary that he links to.

Lest you think he is some kinda anti-American/anti-Semitic crank (he’s not), here are some words from the opinion pages of Ha’aretz, proving yet again one can find more critical analysis of Israeli actions in the Israeli press than in the American. Bernard Avishai and Sam Bahour argue that the Israeli government’s violence is play dope to Hamas’ rope:

The critical point, surely, is that one cannot do in two weeks with force what you need to do over a generation with reciprocity. Even as it worked toward an overall solution to the conflict, Israel could have respected international law regarding occupation, observed the Geneva conventions, helped build Palestinian civil society, stopped settlement construction, invited international monitors, and allowed Palestinians to compete non-violently, politically, economically and socially. It could have, in short, allowed for unity and rationality in Palestinian politics. This is not, well, rocket science.

Meanwhile the Ha’aretz editorial board says simply “Just Get Out“.

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