Mostly cuz the sun set.

Anyway, I let an update lapse, so here are the two latest pages since the last time I notified this blog, pages 29 and 30 of “Long Way from Home.” The images below link to their larger versions at the Wanderlost site.

Page 29.

Page 30.

My health has gotten much better since the surgery, in case ya were wondering. I exercise almost daily now, and have a goal of losing 30 pounds, mostly in the belly area to reduce strain on my lower back muscles. Is that TMI? There is so much overshare on the Web, I can’t tell anymore. Anyway, my point in mentioning it is that my scoliosis creates enough back trouble as it is, I don’t need my gut making any contributions. It’s been on my mind for a long time, but now I am doing something about it. That last sentence could be engraved on my tombstone. Or maybe the title of my (incredibly boring) memoir; a gravestone would add a creepy dimension to that sentiment. Me stop writing now.

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