It’s a new week, so a new page up at Wanderlost.

Ongoing back and computer problems pretty much keep posts to this blog limited to a weekly basis. So let me take this opportunity to unload random shit that’s been bugging me. Isn’t that what blogs are for?

The NY Times recently reported what any reasonably informed person could have guessed: The Karzai government in Afghanistan has been receiving bags of cash from Iran. Well, duh. Western powers do that, too, so why wouldn’t Afghanistan’s next door neighbor? But there has been the inevitable double standard coming from the usual policy experts (former Clinton and Bush admin wonks), one that deserves its own TV Trope: It’s Different When We Do It. Honestly, I don’t know how. Does Iran have a long history of fucking up Afghanistan’s politics, society and culture? Whose racking up the civilian casualties over there anyway? If you were Iran, wouldn’t you want to pay a little insurance money to keep your neighbor from being a total Western pawn and turning on you?

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