I have been busy with a freelance project and getting more hours at my libraries, so I have had less time to work on the webcomic. I keep thinking that I will wrap the thing up and move on. But sometimes I think I could just keep it going on indefinitely in its randomly updated state. That seems to work for other webcomics, at least the ones that don’t make any money. And I am starting to get the impression that I will never make any money on Wanderlost. For many of you, that realization might seem like the slowest epiphany in the world. “No shit, Kevin? Really? Wow.” Yeah.

Anyway, update next week. See ya then.

Oh, and: Judging by the low interest in a trade collection of all Wanderlost stories, I think I’ll skip publishing that. Instead, I’ll put out small individual story collections. They are cheaper and will probably sell better at the cons. “Cons” plural, even though I really only go to Stumptown. Speaking of which, Chris Baldwin and I received confirmation from the Stumptown Powers That Be, so we’ll be tabling there in April. Sweeet! I didn’t do it last year, due to money worries, but I missed it. Poor Chris got stuck with some weirdo who drew cats on plywood, or something, which almost sounds cool until you think about it a few seconds longer and consider the kind of personality that might do such a thing.

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