Awright! We got Osama!

Or, really, his cook. But how’s he gonna get his lamb kabobs now, huh? Anyway, the cook will get two years, wherever the military decides to finally put him.

The judge, Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Nancy Paul, said an assistant defense secretary ordered two years ago that the Army and the military’s Southern Command, which oversees the Guantanamo base, develop a detailed plan for housing prisoners after their conviction.”This has not been done,” the judge said tersely.

She said the absence of any written policy or plan was “especially troubling” because another trial was under way for a young Canadian captive and could produce another conviction.

Oh, yes — the Canadian. Torturing false confessions out of child soldiers caught up in a dragnet and shipped thousands of miles away into a legal no-man’s land: such are the values my grandfather fought for in the Pacific Theater of Dubya Dubya Two!

Well, I’m sure the young man will get a fair trial.

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