It was fortunate Michael Dunn’s three other victims survived the bullet wounds he inflicted on them: not only for its own (most obvious) sake, but they were alive to testify in court and help bring about the convictions that will put Dunn behind bars for at least 60 years.

Sadly, the same cannot be said of Jordan Davis. The perverse legal process in Florida so far seems to reward killers of young black men for ensuring that their victims are not alive to testify against them. Unlike the Zimmerman case, there is the promise of a retrial. We can hope the life of Davis sees justice served.

Speaking of Zimmerman, CNN will be airing an interview with him this week. He’s already in the news, whining that he can’t lead a normal life, it’s just not fair, why won’t people leave him alone, etc., etc. I really don’t want to hear his thoughts on the Dunn case. Screw that guy. If he wants peace, he should ask for a cell at the local prison and stay there. They can put his narcissistic ass in solitary.

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