Your racist quote of the day, courtesy of no less than Karl Rove:

But Karl Rove, Mr. Bush’s former top political adviser, accused the White House of playing politics with the issue [of prosecuting Bush-era officials over torture]. He said in an interview that Obama administration officials “run the risk of looking like some Third World regime where the incoming junta of colonels in mirrored sunglasses conduct show trials of their predecessors over policy differences.”

Yes, we might look like Augusto Pinochet, who came to power via CIA-back coup, and held kangaroo courts AND administered vile forms of torture. Or like some country where elections are stolen and the victor stocks the courts and bureaus with wealthy benefactors and corporate cronies. Or like some rogue nation that wages illegal wars based on false pretexts. Or like some country that kidnaps people, puts them in secret detention and tortures them.

Yeah, Karl, we wouldn’t want to look like one of those.

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