Um, actually, nobody. Win-win.

Dr. Laura has announced she will end her show following criticism for her repeated use of the “N-word” at a black caller on her show. Classic white whining about her “First Amendment rights” and “some special-interest group deciding this is a time to silence a voice of dissent.” She does “not want to live in fear anymore.” Remember, the worst thing you can do to a white person is point out their racism. Worse than the HOLOCAUST!!!

But don’t get her wrong: “I’m not quitting.” She is now “freer to say the things that I believe need to be said for people in this country.” Like, say, insisting black people not get so testy when they hear white people use the “N-word” with manic glee.

Somewhere Sarah Palin is winking with approval. Is this a kind of “going Galt” among right wing nutjobs? Quit a position of influence and responsibility in a petulant gesture with delusions of somehow leading the country without the power that position granted (governor, nationally distributed talk show). To Palin’s credit, she has turned her Facebook and Twitter accounts into platforms for launching disinformation campaigns that have had real effects on public policy — “death panels.” But I think that’s a one-trick pony. Schlessinger has none of Palin’s soap opera/divisive appeal.

I’m not saying Dr. Laura will go quietly into that dark night, of course. She’ll probably join Alan Keyes in the asteroid belt of conservo-cranks, floating around until some odd gravitational force dislodges them from their orbit and hurls them into the sun, where they’ll crash and burn.

UPDATE (8/18/2010): I knew the comparison between Dr. Laura and Sarah Palin was obvious, but never predicted Palin would latch onto it with pride.

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