After writing yesterday’s post about women in comedy (with a substantial quotation from Lynn Harris’ Salon piece), I neglected to note Jenn Sorenson’s excellent cartoon on the subject from last year — “That’s Mentertainment!” It’s even got Drooly Julie, an icon of our time.

Also, while chatting (and teasing) the witty and talented (and patient) Sarah Ryan, I remembered a boorish piece by Christopher Hitchens a few years ago, wherein the Hitch pretentiously spends too many words explaining his theory that women just aren’t has funny as men. If you can tolerate his long-winded circumlocutions, puffery and nonsense, it’s worth it just to bone up on some pseudo-biological essentialism. Know thine enemy.

You’d think prime examples of Sorenson, Mikhaela, Stephanie, Erika, Maria Bamford, Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes, Ellen, and so on and on and on would count for something against Hitchens’ argument. But as his stubborn defense of his Iraq invasion advocacy attests, the Hitch can be pretty thick.

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