This week I am really pleased and grateful to present a guest strip by the truly amazing Adrian Wallace. Long time fans of webcomics might remember his great strip Jumbo deLuxe, an adventure series about kids who solve mysteries with their dog. He has also collaborated on the third book of Barry Deutsch’s excellent Hereville series of books.

Last week I was the technology coordinator for the 2017 Conference of the Oregon Library Association in Salem, OR. I had a great time, it was exhausting but very satisfying to work with so many great colleagues. I knew it would leave little time to do a strip, so I asked Adrian to do a guest strip for me, and I am really grateful he accepted. I love the work he did on this strip, and I hope you do, too.

↓ Transcript
FETCH Guest Comic by Adrian

featuring FETCH a Cat-Demon
and KEVIN a Cartoonist-Librarian
Interior, KEVIN's teevee room comfortably furnished with a couch, many bookshelves, LP record player, and a teevee. FETCH is on the couch watching teevee. (The teevee Screen shows PAUL RYAN using the BILL OF RIGHTS as toilet paper with the headline "LATEST OUTRAGE!") KEVIN, approaching from across the room through a door at the left, grabs the remote control from FETCH's paw.

KEVIN: "Turn that off. It's all too horrible nowadays. Just this once let's go without news & current events."

FETCH: (annoyed) "But this guy is funny"

KEVIN gestures towards his rather large bookshelf, full of Russian novels and other delights.

KEVIN: "Why don't you read a book instead?"

FETCH: "Oh... Okay"

HEADING: "Soon Afterwards"
FETCH is sitting in an easy chair, reading ATLAS SHRUGGED (Title Author and Distinctive cover graphics are easily visible to readers). Kevin approaches from the left in a similar position as panel 1.
FETCH "Haw! This John Galt character is hilarious"
KEVIN (more annoyed): "No! Don't read that. You'll end up quoting that crap at me for days."

KEVIN grabs ATLAS SHRUGGED out of FETCH's paws, moving towards a nearby open window.
FETCH: "Awww..."

EXTERIOR, KEVIN's house. Open window with a trash can directly below it. ATLAS SHRUGGED has sailed through the open window and landed with a modest CLUNK in the open trash can where part of the cover can still be seen. (Trash can is pitching over slightly and a motion line connects the open window to the book in the trash can.)

INTERIOR, KEVIN's teevee room. KEVIN gestures towards a large crate of LP records and his stereo. FETCH looks on.
KEVIN: "Here, why don't you listen to an LP record?"
FETCH: "Oh! Rock Music! Guitars n' stuff."

Close up of FETCH rumaging through KEVIN's LP collection and holding up a copy of 2112 by Canadian Prog Rock Superstars RUSH. Kevin's back is turned in background getting coffee or something.
FETCH: "Whoopee! This one looks like fun. (Says here they're from Canada, eh?"

HEADING: "Soon Afterwards"
FETCH is sitting near KEVIN's record player reading LP liner notes while LP plays background.
KEVIN looks on in glum resignation.
FETCH: "Wow, Crazy! This song sounds a lot like that book I was reading a while ago."


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