This week’s strip runs a little late due to the holiday weekend. Did you enjoy it? Whether you celebrate Christmas or Solstice or Hanukah or something else, this was a good time to get together with loved ones and try not to worry about the state of the world or to avoid discussing politics with family members who want to start some shit.

As for Putin, I am not surprised Russia tried to meddle with the US election – goodness knows we have meddled with the elections of many other countries, and supported not a few coups. I don’t blame Putin solely for how things turned out. There are far too many other local factors (as this now classic Voxsplainer put it, “everything mattered“), so Russian hackers share credit, but not all.

Still: the incoming president is trying to make his administration look a lot like the oil baron kleptocracy that Putin lords over, so whether the old KGB agent manipulated our democracy, he seems to have a lein on Trump’s soul.

Good job, everyone!

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