This week’s Fetch comes at you from my utter annoyance at how news media and desperate liberals fawn over these war criminals every time they pay lip service to basic decency.

Last week David Brooks gave John McCain a handjob, and Bret Stephens joined in. Or maybe the other way around. Either way, the competition is fierce. Of course, these guys are not liberals, but every so often Twitter explodes with liberals thanking and praising McCain for not gutting our health care a lot lately, acting as if they’re Princess Leia and McCain is The Only Hope.

Then George W and Obama, campaigning at different fundraisers in the Virginia governors race, delivered barely veiled criticisms of Trump and Trumpism. This is welcome, of course, but it’s hard to take from W, for all the reasons Fetch lists and more. The rehabilitation of W’s reputation owes to Trump’s awfulness, but anyone paying attention should have noticed that W’s presidency through fear and dumbing down paved the way for Trump’s tanks to go all Tiananmen Square on our psyches.

This also comes as Senators Corker and Flake ditch they’re political careers to free themselves from pandering and take on Trump more forcefully. I respect this, at least from Corker, who takes on not just Trump’s behavior, but on matters of policy (the Iran nuclear deal and the deficit-exploding tax plan.) Flake talks a good game, but he seems more concerned with style than substance. Both senators have voted with Trump pretty consistently, including that Senate health care plan even McCain put a thumbs down to.

Some might expect me to give Republican politicians a pat on the back for standing up to the leader of their party. So, okay, pat pat pat. Here’s a cookie. But I don’t trust them.

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