Like millions of people around the country and the world, I joined my local Women’s March on Saturday. Here in Portland, it rained (of course) and I got soaked through my raincoat and shoes and my pink pussy hat. But it was great! I am really glad I went. It was inspiring to be part of the largest demonstration the city and much of the rest of the world had ever seen. When I got home it was even more inspiring to see my Instagram and Facebook feeds full of photos taken by friends across the city and the country. So many generations of protesters, too, from little kids to little old people.

I wrote/sketched this strip before I went to the march. In fact, I almost didn’t go, because I wanted to get this cartoon done on time. Instead, I went, and got up way early this morning to draw it. And I feel better for having done both. Sometimes I feel a conflict between being a productive artist and being a productive Everything Else-ist. I am glad when different elements of my life can work together.

One thing I did not anticipate was that Left Hook Heard Round The World delivered by some lucky protester to “alt-right” white supremacist Richard Spenser at the very moment he is explaining his Pepe the Frog pin. I don’t usually condone violence, but when some asshole has been advocating genocide against people of color, I’m thinking he deserves a punch.

Or at least a snowball to the face.

My only hesitation here was to put poor Pepe in this strip. Sorry, Matt Furie. It’s not your fault those douchebags appropriated your work. But it’s now a part of their stupid, asshole culture.

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