This week we turn to something less political, but only for a little bit. A friend said I should have posted this for Valentine’s Day. One day I will learn to exploit the calendar in more opportunistic ways.

Last week’s Fetch proved pretty popular, which surprised me, because it was such a downer. Alas, since I posted it, two more people in Portland died of hypothermia as the winter storm incapacitated the city and trapped people in their homes. (One of those who died did not have a home, because they were $230 behind in rent. This should horrify everyone.)

Speaking of horrifying, the inauguration of that fascist prick is coming, and I have no intention of ever accepting him as a legitimate political leader. Maybe if he ever gets around to apologizing to the various groups of people he has insulted with his racist, fear-mongering, xenophobic ways; maybe if he personally apologizes to Serge Kovaleski; maybe if he apologizes to every woman he has groped, insulted, and (oh yeah) raped; then seeks to make up for these insults with actions and policies that benefit the rights and needs of all of these people, plus workers in general, and not the millionaires and billionaires he golfs with. Then I might come around to seeing him as a human being.

But I’m not holding my breath.

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