It’s always about Bernie Sanders. Or some revival of the 2016 Democratic primary debates. I see a lot of online discussions (if that’s the word) about Russian attempts to influence the election devolve quickly into Hillary-vs-Bernie arguments, because someone can’t resist making a potshot at either candidate out of resentment over how the election turned out. It’s like a new form of Godwin’s Law. Concerning the role of Russian spies, hackers and possible colluders, the rhetoric heats up quickly among liberal Democrats, prompting many (not all) among the Left to respond with scoffing and mockery. One side runs into neo-McCarthyism and Russophobia, the other underestimates the nature of the threat or trivializes the seriousness of foreign agents undermining a national election, possibly with the help of one major presidential campaign. There are so many unknowns, all that smoke, no sign of actual fire. It’s safer to return to the comfort of old arguments that never end.

↓ Transcript
Fetch: Russia

Man: Fear Russia!
Woman: Nah. Relax.
[Fetch watches, confused]

Man: They hacked our servers! Sabotaged the election! Trump and Putin colluded!
Woman: Puh-leez. No proof. Just innuendo and hearsay.
[Fetch watches, eating popcorn]

Man: There’s lies, secret meetings, business deals, cover ups!
Woman: More like paranoia and sour grapes.
Fetch: Okay, so....

Fetch: We either blame Putin and risk war with Russia, or roll over and let his proxy troll ruin us.
Man: What?
Woman: No!

Man: This ain't about Putin!
Woman: It's about Bernie Sanders!
Man: Complicit dupe!
Woman: Warmonger Hillbot!
Fetch: We're screwed.

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