“Obamacare is the law of the land,” Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, Representative of Wisconsin’s 1st district, and libertarian cosplayer announced on Friday. Despite his best (?) efforts, he could not craft a law to replace the Affordable Care Act that would appeal to right wing factions who want to destroy it utterly and those who want to kick it until it limps along and dies quietly somewhere no one will notice.

Now the current president shrugs and says, fine, screw you, let Obamacare “explode.” Which may suggest that he will leave it alone. But Republicans still control budgets and Tom Price still runs the Department of Health and Human Services. So while many will argue that Obamacare will not actually “explode” and could be strengthened by governors finally accepting Medicaid expansion, the minions of Immortan Donald will do everything they can to sabotage Medicaid, subsidies and the health care exchanges .

Meanwhile, if you put a hand to your ear and listen carefully, you might hear the long distant cries of the Single Payer Cat.

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