Poor Stan. He is a lot of fun to draw. His feet are huge and his face pressed against the window amuses me. And I had fun drawing the cats. Lettering by hand is tough, mainly because it cramps up my hand muscles, so I have to take breaks before I draw the rest of the page. In an effort to document the process, I have attached two photos of how the page looks lettered and partially inked. As you can see, the real work lay ahead, turning everything dark and eerie, as we drive into the night on whatever strange quest we’re heading toward. Fetch seems excited.

In other news, I am making progress with my adaptation of Nikolai Gogo’s short story, The Nose. There are five more pages to draw, seven to ink in total. I plan on getting those up in a month, coinciding with a large amount of time I have off of work, thanks to the break between terms at my college library. The downside is that I won’t be bringing in any money. So if you know anyone who would like to commission freelance illustrations or subscribe to this Patreon, I would greatly appreciate the recommendation.

Next week: Fetch guides us to our mysterious destination. See you then!

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