This page may have been the hardest to write. I originally had Fetch emerge as a full fledged demon, but I realized that I had done that in the Pokemon strip, though the difference would be multiple heads on his torso representing various parts of my psyche. It’s possible I might do that and scrap this page when I eventually print this. But there are so many things I like about this page, and about the ambiguity of the third panel, that I might just leave it. One of the hardest parts of writing is making choices. “Kill your darlings” can be a very mild form of Sophie’s Choice.

I wrap this page up next week. Then it will be back to weekly one shot gags based on current events, or the random things that bug me.

I am also close to wrapping up my adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s The Nose. I will start posting pages of it in October. Hoorah!

Now I’m off to nurse this cold I got from my son, which is what we get for sending him to public school.

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